Head of IT

My name is Dan and I am the founder of this amazing new project called Cyberpal. After studying CRM at the Uni, I have worked with several CRM system over the years. 7 years ago, after reading an article about Microsoft’s plans to invest in their CRM system in order to become the best on the market, I decided to specialise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A few months later, after attending a series of courses, I have passed the exams and awarded the Microsoft Dynamics CRM qualifications. Since then I have worked for several companies, building and supporting several CRM systems, both online and on premise, walking through all Dynamics CRM version: 2013, 2015, 2016 and 365. In May 2019 I have decided to start my own project and so far I’m enjoying every bit of it, from the excitement of meeting and helping new people to the enjoyment of working on a challenging project. I am a client focused person and delivering a project to the highest standards is always my business goal.



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